Fresh batch of mixtape madness from the Shanghai based Uprooted Sunshine crew –

It was a nice surprise to be contacted by the  man Blaise Deville, the selector and curator behind this Jahtari styled mixtape edition –

Full of specials and unreleased bizniz from the Jahtari Camp, this red-hot cassette is filled to the brim with 8bit dancehall and digital, arguably on it’s very best format.

Musically, this tape crosses borders – literally – exclusively recorded vocals in at
least four (!) different languages by Arminda, Didjelirium, Esia and Part2Style – plus a
whole battery of FX guns and KungFu movie samples – this gem is an absolute must in yer boombox!

Served with a SNES style foldout cover in an edition of 100 red-hot tapes.

Out of stock!
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