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Wicked, little-known gem from Downbeat Sounds crew in Sweden –

This disc came to our attention around 5 years ago, when it was initially released, we either heard in it in the local Idle Hands shop, or perhaps at Dj Stryda’s then monthly visit to Genesis Records, where he would showcase the latest in roots music inna auction style (without the haggling, but in a similar ‘put your hand up if you want one’ fashion).

Whenever this one gets played, it turned a few heads… It’s a really nicely produced, rootical heavyweight digi sound, sitting somewhere in between the 80’s dancehall, 70’s roots and the UK Steppers style.

Emotions of Rebellion comes with the additional ‘Dub’ and a great ‘Percussion Mix’ to finish side A.
Flip it around for the digital discomix of Rinkeby Rock, alongside Viktorious.

Yes, yes.

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