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JoeFarr / Borai / Gaunt / Hiroaki Iizuka - Forecast Part 1


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London club-night turned label THEM Records presents a new series entitled Forecasts which, in their words (and going by the title), compiles a series of tracks by producers with forthcoming material on the label.

Traditionally known for their pounding, industrial-tinged techno, this sees them venture in to some newer territory on the B side, with Hotline favourite Borai submitting a dancefloor-storming jungle banger, very much in-keeping with THEM's no nonsense attitude but providing a fresh, more agile take on their particular brand of heaviness.

Even more interesting is Gaunt's presence here. Still a fairly new producer, his only released work so far was for Beneath's Mistry label - an excellent debut effort that's been desperately crying for a follow-up in the couple of years since. He turns in a tough effort here - La Haine is more directly dancefloor focussed than his Mistry effort, but maintains that off-kilter, UK edge that makes his tracks really stand out. A top, top effort this one, and straight in our record bags.

Previous label releaser Hiroaki Iizuka and Bristolian local JoeFarr have both always had a knack for making techno that sounds incredibly individual - and here they both deliver the goods yet again. Iizuka's contribution is all about that frantic, detuned synth and squarewave bassline that places it in a space somewhere between techno, electro and EBM without ever sounding quite like any of those genres. JoeFarr meanwhile, combines some jaw-dropping sound design with a constantly shifiting rhythm section and an unhealthy dose of aggression for what might be his most impressive work yet.

If this is the quality we can come to expect from THEM in the coming months, then they have our full attention.

JoeFarr - Ty Mawr

Hiroaki Iizuka - MMM

Gaunt - La Haine

Borai - Super Cats Four Five