Absolutely crucial Johnny Clarke, Bunny Lee & King Tubby cut from 1975 –

An absolute favourite, this one.
Roots reggae music doesn’t get much more powerful than this.

The vibe is heavy, moody, like a rainfall after weeks of blistering sun.
The message, a sad message about the roots of the Jamaican people, many of which we’re brought to Jamaica from Africa on slaveships around the 16th century, mostly by Spanish slave traders, and later captured by British colonialists who took over most of the land (although it is to be noted that there was resistance by African tribes who now resided on the Island (who even fought against the British amongst the Spanish at one point) that became local to JA, such as the african-descending Maroons… Although most resistance was sadly squashed by the imperialist British empire over the years though, and Jamaica only finally gained full independence in 1962.

‘They took us away, from our father’s land, and brought us to stay on their wicked land’…
It’s a message that is heartfelt and full of sorrow, yet there is an uplifting feeling of strength here. A call for unity amongst all African descendants, not to forget their roots and to continue to stand up for respect, and for equality.

This track, titled ‘African Roots’, is very powerful stuff, hairs raised and heart rate in tune the beat.

And the instrumental, produced by Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee, with Aggrovators on instruments, captures this deep, ancestral feeling perfectly. A very special tune.
King Tubby on the flip, with one of his best dub versions ever.

Pure, undiluted roots music.

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