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Four of roots music’s finest, across three vocals and a version, on an Attack Gold 10″ >>

Johnny Clarke with killer lovers style vocal ‘I Am Lonely’, Cornell Campbell with his unmistakeably sweet tones, talking about being black & proud on ‘Natural Fact’, Horace Andy with a righteous message about the divide between rich and poor on ‘It’s Gonna Be Dread’ – all three on a killer rhythm produced, and versioned by the big boss Bunny Lee.

Aggrovators on instruments of course – each cut on this rhythm is pure, undiluted beauty.
That horn section, that bassline & drum rhythm, and the way each of the vocalists hit the perfect notes around it…. Oooph, pure masterclass.

We only have less than a handful here at the minute….
hopefully it’ll come back in stock soon either way.

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