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Killer 12″ by Johnny and Dillinger ‘longside Striker Lee and King Tubby –

This one, with the catalogue number SL001, on Bunny’s ‘Striker Lee’ imprint, is another heavy, heavy piece of roots from the greats of the jamaican soundsystem scene…

Topside, we have a tough version of Johnny Clarke’s ‘Just Give Up The Badness’, folllowed by an outstanding King Tubby version.

Flip it, and we have orginal deejay ‘Dillinger’ on the microphone, riding the same rhythm in cool, easy, deadly fashion taking over the grooves of the entire side of this 12″ – ‘Why you never hear what your mama say? Why you never hear what your papa say? They say that badness don’t pay’ …. the deejay cut flows effortlessly into the instrumental cut, including jazz flute, dubbed in inimitable style by King Tubby alongside Striker Lee.


Test Press.
Highly limited.

Out of stock!
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