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Absolute corker coming outta London town!

When we first heard this we were sure it was one of John T.Gast’s many monikers, but it seems not! We’re sure they’d get on well though, if they don’t already know each other.
This disc, served in good & proper DIY style on a hand-labelled 10″, combines the very best of steppers sensibilities, with the finest of arpeggiating midi-medieval ditty.
Banner is an ever-expanding, highest-heights reaching, tough soundsystem cut that should have legs skanking and swords buckling, along with a few gunfingers in the air.
Following Chapter with Verse, next up is the ‘Tilbury Docks Version’ which let’s the ceremony unfold in it’s full serenity –
There’s a subdued & sombre tone to both of these, but trust us (we’ve tested it) – at loud volume on a worthy rig, this is absolutely deadly gear.

Flip it for the ‘Final Fantasy meets TNT Roots’ style combination ‘Nore’, which comes backed up with the ‘East Coast Version’ – ooooph, this is very very fine gear –
fans of Ishan Sound, JTG, Young Druid, Tapes, Pheasantry vibes, SNES/N64/Playstation….
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Limited edition DIY bizniz, act quick if you want to support.

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