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Co-founder of Wisdom Teeth K-Lone steps up for the long-awaited 8th release on Parris’ Soundman Chronicles label.

By far his most accomplished work to date, A side Old Fashioned stretches for a full 10 minutes, touching on a subtle assembly and combination of dub-techno and du-jour Bristolian stepping bass music that drifts unhurried through its subtly gorgeous mission statement. This is one of, if not our favourite, tracks to have come out of Soundman Chronicles ever, and a perfect way to reintroduce the label after such a long hiatus.

B side In The Dust Of This Planet maintains a similarly pretty aesthetic, instead using intricate manipulations of space and atmosphere to hail to its musical forebears. Driven forward forward by a counterpoint of percussive, tonal chords and bell-like chimes which evolve infrequently into soaring bleeps and squeals, it eschews the structural tropes of more traditional dance music tracks in favour, again, of a clear nod to the dub-techno way of doing things – allowing the rhythm and melody to sink into you over its runtime, hypnotising and subduing until you’re lost in its captivating sound-world.

O$VMV$M flips the A side into an absurdist reflection of itself, redacting the atmospheres of Old Fashioned and channelling them through a unified, tape-saturated signal chain. The spaciousness of the original is re-interpreted, leaving vast amounts of space in the mid-range to leave a ghostly impression of what came before.

A+ work from both K-Lone and Soundman Chronicles, we sincerely hope Soundman Chronicles 9 doesn’t take as painfully long to hit our shelves as this did….

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