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1: Kambo Super Sound - Round Piece Of Dub

2: Don Papa - Kånge (DJ Sotofett Remix)

Catching up on last years annual Graf et Gril party, we finally got some copies of this traditional Kambo & Don Papa split 7″ for those who missed it!

£5 a pop, heavyweight dub in off-kilter style & fashion from Moss’s bosses Kambo Super Sound, Don Papa and bredda Sotofett!

Topside is a casiotone bassline stepper with arpeggiating chord sequences and a good ol’ skank to keep up the rhythm in JA meets Norway stylee.
Turn it up for maximum feel good vibes!
Flipside, Sotofett gets stuck in with Don Papa’s heaviest and dubbiest yet, for some rougheck drum machine dubwise – nicely sparse and extra deep and heavy for it.
Killer combo!

It’s not too late to add this to the bag.

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