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A valuable archive of club and rave flyers collected by Toby Smith while immersed in the rave scene between 90′-94. these were then tucked away in a shoebox and stuck in the loft for two plus decades and, thankfully, now scanned and compiled into this 120 page book published by Klasse Wrecks.

Packed full of futurist landscapes wrapped in neon grids, airbrushed unicorns, tripped out panoramas, blueprint typographic experiments that have become part of the visual language of rave culture. There’s of course the ubiquitous Dreamscape, World Dance & Fantazia flyers but, for our money, where this book really stands out is with the inclusion of more low-key event flyers with equally killer design (‘Rendezvous’ at The Wag on Wardour St. The Breakfast Club at Busby’s on Charriong Cross and even a hand drawn one for Tim Westwood at Marylins…).

These drop the maximalist visual language of the bigger events in favour (or necessity?) of more text based layouts no doubt aided by the release of Micosoft Publisher in 1991. It’s pairing of the two styles that really set this book apart.

A feast for the eyes and a crucial document of the visual evolution of rave history – dive in…

120 pages
Offset printed on 100g/m² paper.

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