‘Oblique soundsystem murderation’ from Young Echo’s Killing Sound on Blackest Ever Black –

Over the last 12 months or so, we’ve been hearing glimpes of these tracks around Bristol circuits, during Young Echo’s irregular live streams or at their ‘Young Echo Sound’ sessions…
But sometimes things don’t quite sink in until they are laid out in front of you.

After hearing these four cuts spread out in full width and glory over two 12″ discs, mastered by Matt Colton and released via the highly respectable ‘Blackest Ever Black’ label – it became clearer just how bloody good these tracks really were.

Created by Amos Childs out of Jabu, El Kid & Vessel – the trio that make up the main structure of Killing Sound – Each piece of music on this release stands out as incredibly accomplished, beautifully restrained, with every frequency adding to the constant tension and release.

From the skewed vocal shots and elevated layers to the menacing drones, shattering drum hits and chest-crushing subs, each track sways in simple, yet complete form.

Breathtakingly good stuff.
We recommend not to miss out on this, you’ll regret it.

Edition of 30 pre-release, hand-stamped copies.
Limited to a select few shops worldwide.

Out of stock!
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