Last night we saw a thick layer of fluorescent smog and electric current hovering above Castlemead, and when lightning connected to the top of the tower, we knew it was time…


Since 2019, a dark cloud has loomed over our region, as many have feared the return of the most weaponised duo in Avon.

A trail of scorched chambers in their wake, their witnesses still fail to rub the imprints from their retina, drown the wailing from their heads and scrape a metallic taste from their mouths.

But finally, our iron tongued padre, Franco Franco, and his crypto-bard, Kinlaw, throw down their second slab, ‘Mega Dopo Mega’.

Charging straight over the top into ‘Com’èèè??’, ‘CGI World’ shells down on us with a white-hot salvo. Round after round, our ringmaster spits cybernated venom as his consort thrashes us with relentless, barbed sonics.

Pausing just briefly on ‘Tetsuo 2019’ to heave up a lung full of filings – they press on into data driven mania and cyber-chotic battle cries.

By ‘Distretto Nono’, their probe lifts off – before exiting in a cacophony of AI laughter, beamed straight from the shell.

They’re back, and this time it’s personal…’

Vinyl edition served in 6 page 12” x 12”cover size comic +
artwork booklet in PVC outer sleeve +
DL code

A1 Com’èèè??
A2 CGI World
A3 The Chase [Digital Footprint]
A4 Tetsuo 2019
A5 Another Clueless G.I.
B1 Milizie Ovunque
B2 Cappottodansia
B3 Nella Mia Stanza
B4 Distretto Nono
B5 Love in the Time of Data
B6 The Time of Data

Additional Production and Engineering by October: Track A3; A5; B2; B3; B4
Comic Concept by Kinlaw & Franco Franco
Comic Illustration by Gianmarco Franchi
Comic Dialogues by BKV Industrial.
Artwork and Layout by BKV Industrial.

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