>>Warehouse find – last chance to grip this if you missed it!<<

Vinyl debut for Avon Terror Corps, fresh off the back of their mix for us and their cassette compilation – fresh out of the Brusnwick Club (RIP) via Bokeh / Schwet / Slack Alice / Noods HQ this thing looks as good as it sounds – Kinlaw & Franco Franco at the controls over 10 tracks – Full on 2k19 industrial cyborg trap in crust punk style & fold out OBI strip action all folded into a poly outer.
Hold onto yer f*cking hats and get this in the cart pronto.

‘Blunted church burner Kinlaw and bile spitting nomad Franco Franco savage through ten of their coldest cuts for ATC’s first sacrificial offering.

The LP opens with ‘Eric Draven’, an apocalyptic bombardment of mechanical disintegration and shouted nuclear alarm. Then follows with ’Cuore Molle Palle Mosce’, their alienated battle cry for the kingdom of Wessex, already weaponised in the dank chambers of Avon. ‘Cyborg Mc’ spouts the metalloid delusions of the dystopian preacher, arsenic utterings of the ego-centric android and ‘Fat Come’ is an ode to guttural subs of the Butter Gollem, birthed from Goram’s phlegm.’


1.Eric Draven
3.Celtic (Marcio Freestyle)
4.Loom Weights
5.Cuore Molle Palle Mosce
6.Cyborg Mc
7.Fat Come
8.No Chill
9.Reality Check

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