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Fourth White Label Cut on Bristol’s Livity Sound Label, the platform for the uniquely dubbed out techno productions by ‘Peverelist’, ‘Asusu’ and ‘Kowton’.

Although it still fits neatly into the stripped back, dubwise approach of previous livity releases, this one moves forward with a more rude swagger, leaning further towards the infamous Roland drum-machine workout-styles famed by the likes of ‘Omar S’ and his US peers.

Nonetheless, Kowton aka ‘Joe Cowton’ maintains a firm UK stance and Grime sensibilities especially apparent with the intense midi-string orchestral stabs and cool and deadly subs on ‘More Games’.
Essential material for any self-respecting fan of Bristol underground music.
This is the Repress, hence the Green stamp.
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Artwork Design by ‘Studio Tape-Echo’. Hand-stamped.

A – More Games
B – Jam01

Out of stock!
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