L.SAE – The West End As It Will Be

Vinyl (12'' / 45rpm)
Timedance [TIMEDANCE002]
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Second drop on Batu’s Timedance label –

After wowing us with the excellent ‘Domino Theory’, Batu turns his hand to a bit of A&R, opening the label up to artists who share his sonic aesthetic and, as he was quoted in a recent article on The Quietus, ‘Tap into the futuristic energy of UK dance music’.

Step in L.SAE, better known as Metrist (who previously appeared on Resin and Fifth Wall Records) who offers up his best works to date – ‘The West End As It Will Be’, pitches and yaws around in the murky depths, dangerous basses are pocked by fractured percussion and anvil weight snares, offset by a most disconcerting melody.

Flip it over for our percy – ‘Line Sunk Like Im Sunk’, extending further into mechanised dystopia with greyscale textures and metallic drums, eschewing a straight drum pattern for a heavily fractured  2-step beat, exposing the foundations of UK dance music in the process.

Brutalist sound constructs that give a nod to the heritage of UK industrial music while looking forward and exploring new terrain – highest recommendations from us.

Mastered by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering.
Designed by Studio Tape-Echo.

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