Heavy hitters from the legendary Linval Thompson, collected on this Dreadlock Sessions album, featuring vocals, dubs and a deejay cut with U Roy, to some of the greatest hits from the years after his return to Kingston in the mid 70’s –

Dreadlock sessions is a real roots LP at it’s core, with Linval’s recognisable chants and songs working perfectly over the Bunny Lee productions –
I mean, listen to ‘Cool Down Your Temper’ and tell us that that is not one of the greatest roots cuts of all time, with one of the most deadly dub versions to boot. Of Course the rasta-anthem ‘Dont Cut Off Your Dreadlocks’ is a big, big tune too.

Recorded at Channel One, Randy’s Studio 17, Harry J’s and King Tubby’s –
featuring none other than the likes of Sly Dunbar and Santa on drums, Robbie Shakespeare on bass, Chinna on Guitar, Augustus Pablo on keyboards, Tommy McCook on sax, and Bobby Ellis on trumpet.

Jamaican classics, crucial stuff for all dubheads and roots lovers alike.

Served on yellow vinyl, in printed sleeve, via Jamaican Recordings.

Side A
1. Long Long Dreadlocks
2. Long Long Dreadlocks (dub)
3. Jah Jah The Conqueror
4. Jah Jah The Conqueror (dub)
5. Cool Down Your Temper
6. Cool Down Your Temper (dub)

Side B
1. Don’t Cut Off Your Dreadlocks
2. Don’t Cut Off Your Dreadlocks (dub)
3. Ride On Dreadlocks
4. Ride On Dreadlocks (dub)
5. A Big Big Girl
6. A Big Big Girl (dub)

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