Logos – Glass EP

Vinyl (12'' / 33rpm)
Different Circles [DIFF002]
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Second instalment from the hugely promising Different Circles label, this time from Logos, who heads up the imprint alongside Mumdance.

Right at the forefront and heading into the truly unchartered territory of the ‘Weightless’ sound they pioneered, the ‘Glass EP’ is comprised of three original tracks and one remix from ‘The Sprawl’ collaborator and Berlin resident Shapednoise. These tracks, remix aside, have previously been in the boxes of Pinch and the like for the last year or so. Now they are finally available in a super-limited run of 300 whites, no re-press, no digital.

Opening with the scattershot hydraulic breakbeats and swarming mentasms of ‘Glass’, which gets a hard as nails remix on the A, Shapednoise’s reworking really has to be taken in whole to be truly appreciated. Widescreen sound design and brutal synthesis sit uncomfortably alongside each other, threatening to tear the very fabric of the original clean in two at points.

On the flip is ‘No Skyline’, which first appeared on the Pinch B2B Mumdance CD last year. A time-lapse soundtrack to a city awakening from a deep slumber, stainless steel synths and sculpted textures take you through what is one of the finest pieces to emerge from the Weightless cannon so far – a highlight in an EP that is filled with nothing but gems.

The EP closes with the leafy expanse of ‘Savanna Overlord’, another track that first appeared on the Tectonic CD, finally available to the lucky few who manage to get a copy!

Super-limited copies, act fast if you want in.

Out of stock!
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