Fresh import – Adrian Sherwood alongside Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto – Khaliphonic03 –

Across two discs, we are invited to check back into sounds of columbia, with the added aesthetics of the On:U sound veteran ‘Adrian Sherwood’ on the mixing desk.

Bringing to light this unexpected combination, we were thoroughly impressed by the first 12″ on ZamZam off-shoot ‘Khaliphonic’ – as followers of the labels know, it’s fair to say that each of their releases can be trusted, in terms of musical quality & design.

This 2LP uncovers further recordings from the Columbian group, bringing their traditional, yet slightly unorthodox sound forward to the master of dub-oddity for added dubwise spirit.
Musically speaking, we are listening to a group of musicians, well versed in their instruments – filling the frequency spectrum with ease – from the Vocals, to the Accordion, Maracas, various south-american percussion and of course the columbian ‘Gaita’ – it’s a full sound.
Adrian Sherwood has done well to touch it with care and ease… He’s left a ghostly touch on most tracks, occasionally splashing out a twisted bit of echo and burst of reverb into the mix, lifting this already (at least to a our ears) otherworldly and psychadelic sound further into the distance – adding space and time, in perfect harmony with the imminence and human sound that this group portray.

This is people’s music, full of life and rhythm – the vinyl captures this perfectly, and Sherwood distills the sonics in a grandiose way.

A thoroughly engrossing listen, from the upbeat Cumbia numbers through to the slower tempo’d, rootsy exursions – this is eloquent, heavyweight cumbian roots.

There is no sell-by date on this kind of music, this one’s a keeper – treat yourself.

Limited edition of 1000, with 500 allocated for Columbia.
Produced by Adrian Sherwood and Diego Gómez, mixed by Adrian Sherwood at On-U Sound.
Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at Sound Masters UK.
Special guests include On-U Sound crew George Oban and Skip McDonald, and the Ital Horns.

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