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Sweet reggae music.

Some of the most singular, consistently sweet female voices in reggae music, this mini LP brings together two of the finest cuts from Love Joys, backed up with unmistakeable Wackies productions underneath, followed by killer dubs.

‘Gimme Back’ is one of those tracks you can have on repeat (seriously, we’re talking from experience) and it only gets better with each play.
The Wackies Rhythm Force ‘Part 2’ drops most of the vocal in favour of focus on the drum & bass, well tuned & well tough, in true NY Wackies style

The flip brings Philip James together with Love Joys, for a very soulful lovers tune, smooth and cool.
‘Stranger’ leads the way towards the centre of the disc on the B side, followed by the tough, steady roots-rock of ‘Roots Vibe’.

What a great record.

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