Cavernous LP of spooky abstractions for Helm’s “Alter” label courtesy of Lumisokea.

Following up releases for respected avant garde labels such as “Eat Concrete” and “Opal Tapes”, Lumisokea have found a new home on “Alter” for their most ambitious project yet in the form of “Mnomosyne”.

Recorded for over two years at W.O.R.M studios in Rotterdam, the artists have created a bot of a masterpiece in “Mnemosyne”. Named after the ancient Greek goddess of memory, they manage to elicit “strong images evoking times in an unidentified or unactualized past, places and events that could have existed, but then didn’t”.

The quality of the production is incredible, they have managed to create a unique landscape and sonic fingerprint through their deft use of processing and instrumentation. Prepared Piano, Cello, Gamelan Bells and Drums are used alongside classic 70’s synths to create an eerie and other worldly whole. The attention to detail and competence with which the sounds are used is nothing short of astounding.

This album is not for the faint of heart, with tracks like “Flatland”, “Prowl” and “Wiccan” evoking haunting imagery which when heard loud and in the right environment are both at once magnificent and terrifying!

Turn the lights down low…
Essential for fans of Raime, Emptyset, PANsonic Mika Vainio and the label Blackest Ever Black.

Side One:
Side Two:

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