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1: Yermande (Kick and Bass Mix) feat. Mbene Diatta Seck

2: Yermande (Kick and Bass Instrumental)

3: Yermande (Prophet 5 Mix) feat. Mbene Diatta Seck

4: Yermande (Prophet 5 Rhythm)

Skeletal perfection from Mark Ernestus on the Ndagga imprint, paying homage to West African rhythm –

It’s always a pleasure to hear new material from this project, which finds the Basic Channel / Hard Wax entrepreneur and dub techno maestro in Senegalese territory, combining skill and trade with musicians from these traditions, Jeri-Jeri and Mbene Diatta Seck for example.

This record may well be the most ‘dubwise’ to date… The flurry of polyrhythms and fast-plucked bassline move in such a swift and accomplished manner, it’s almost as if each hit stretches into it’s own, elongated spectrum, hypnotisingly floating across the ever present kickdrum that seemingly brings everything back to ground level with each thunderous hit.

Although fast-paced, there is something very serene about these tracks… Wether that’s due to the impeccable sonic placement of each component, or due to the subtle reverbs and stereo delays that create such an endless space for the rhythm to unfold in.

Across the discs, we find four lengthy cuts, each one moves in similar fashion, slightly differing dub versions, vocal appearance and instrumentation.
From the effortless vocal cuts, to the raw drum cuts, to the razor sharp dub versions featuring the tactfully placed ‘Prophecy 5’ synth chords, reminding heavily of certain basic channel reductions, this is top stuff treading a fine line between traditional african music and sonic art.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll find yourself placing the needle back to the start again and again… It’s a real treat to the ears and soul.

Out of stock!
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