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Mars89 - Lucid Dream EP

Bokeh Versions

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2020 re-press, re-dub, whatever you want to call it, these are back and ready to ship - if you missed the first run - get involved now.

Bokeh Versions have garnered something of a reputation for extracting some of the most esoteric interpretations of current day dub music out of its roster. Japan's Mars89 continues this trend, but with a slightly broader span of influence and vision than the label's usual fare.

This 8 tracker clocks in as more of a mini-LP - certainly, there's a massive diversity in style and mood across these tracks, all held together by a tendency towards subtractive compositional style, as is the dub way.

Another thing that holds these tracks together is an incredibly individual approach to rhythm, informed by a vast range of genres both inside and outside the dub continuum. Dancehall, club, gqom and more all make their influences known, alongside the more traditional half time fare of tracks like Poltergeist. Even here though, cross-rhythms disturb the traditional flow, and the cavernous sound design takes dub's aesthetic to a conclusive breaking point.

A dancehall-derived beat drives Shaman's House - there's a faint suggestion of Equiknoxx and other contemporary dancehall artists here. On later tracks like Bandersnatch and OOBE, Mars89's rhythms move faster and harder, occupying a space somewhere between Grime, Dub and techno. Ethereal vox and birdsong maintain the vibe set earlier on the EP, and round out the package in a decisive and satisfying crescendo.

This was great in 2017, and it'll still be great in 2027

comes with DL Code.

Design: Masaho Anotani
Additional design: Mars89

1. Intro 01:47
2. Poltergeist 06:00
3. Sensory Deprivation 06:34
4. Shaman's House 04:25
5. Bandersnatch 06:30
6. Biological Tides 04:34
7. OOBE 06:02
8. Outro 01:06


Shaman's House