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Sweet, sweet reggae music, with tough & rockin’ undertones of Martin Campbell’s militant UK roots style and fashion –

Always a pleasure to hear Martin & Hi Tech at the controls, they seem to have nailed down a sound that stands out from the rest, perhaps it’s the sound of that drum kit.
Pure & clean, heavyweight roots.
This ‘San Diego Vibes’ record brings in an extra dose of saxophone-led musical sauce, excuse this description, but we don’t have a pin-point term for this kind of sound… All we can say is, that we are massive suckers for an 80/90”s style saxophone piece that dips into this kind of over-sugared bedtime serenade, recalling red high heel moments of sexyness, greased up lenses and the best of Steven Seagal – all at once.
This is definitely an endorsement from us, even if it doesn’t take you to the same places.

Connotations aside, this is an irresistibly good LP, full of swaying melody and groove –
Martin Campbell proves his worth once more!

A1 Long Meadow
A2 Trade Roots
A3 Sweetwater Vibes
A4 Tribe To Kings
A5 Channel One Rocker
A6 Claremont Messa
B1 San Diego Vibes
B2 Imperial Rock
B3 Unity
B4 Crescent Sounds
B5 Jamacha
B6 Shagga’s Bingy

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