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1: Landing

2: Static Caves

3: Readout

4: 1st Sighting

5: Exchange Retreat

6: Allies

7: Warm Welcome

8: Homesick

9: Healing

10: Battle Ready

11: Goodbyes

12: Dawn

13: Tracking

14: Trepidation

15: Landscapes

16: Endboss

17: Overpowered

18: Escape

19: Take Off

Megatraveller aka Acid Quiff / Art Brunell / Master Jet The Destroyer returns to CPU with his second long play (c90) cassette for the label – Megatraveller vs Endboss.
Megatraveller wonderfully saturates the whole LP with his signature straight to tape, uneasy listening – magnetic funk.
Through the noise you will find plenty of broken electronic rhythms and modular conversations, alongside surgical acid bassline extraction previously not thought possible.
J-card insert artwork by Stephanie Birdie Abdallah
Mastered at Computer Club.
Design by Human.

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