Wow wow wow, MBE Series is back for their fourth instalment in the mix cassette series, and this time they present a tape from Nyege Nyege Tapes bossman Moroto Hvy Indstr, along with a wicked A5 photographic zine, documenting the music & people of the East Ugandan countryside –

What more info do you need??!
Assuming you’re aware of the excellent doings of the Nyege Nyege Tapes community that has formed around releases on the label, and of course the festival in Uganda, of same name, which presents a milestone for the history of the international music scene, heavily expanding the community and focus of electronic (& effectively human) music in Africa and around the world – a real step forward for unity, and towards embracing culture from outside of the gates of Europe etc.

We were certainly very excited when Giovanni, aka NPLGNN, hit us up with the info on the next MBE cassette a few weeks back – and now it’s landed here in the post box, finally.
Previous ones from the likes of Yousuke Yukimatsu and Beatrice Dillon have been firm favourites here, and although they don’t come often (roughly one per year, if the track record is anything to go by) – they’re always an absolute treat, and well worth the wait.

We’re sure that many of you will be equally excited about this news, so we don’t really need to gas it up much more, do we?

Here’s all the info you might need:

Info About the Mix
“This mix-tape is solely comprised of field recordings recorded between 1949 and 1977 with two exceptions: one recording made in the 80’s and one in 1996). The mix includes tracks strictly from Sub Saharan Africa from the following countries: Congo DRC/ Congo Brazzaville/ Nigeria/ Niger/ Ethiopia/ Gabon/ Cameroon/ Malawi/ Namibia/ Tanzania/ Central African Republic/ Togo/ Guinea/ Ivory Coast/ Rwanda/ Liberia/ Angola/ Madagascar/ Togo/ Sudan/ Ghana / South Africa and Uganda. It’s a total of forty tracks, twenty on each side.

Apart from some transitions where I have used a bit of reverb or echo I have made hardly any changes to the original music apart from adjusting volumes. I have also played most tracks in their entirety and have not looped any sections.

The mix is a sort of the subconscious behind Nyege Nyege Tapes. Whilst Sub Saharan Africa prefigured abstraction in art centuries before Europe, the same can be said for music. Nyege Nyege Tapes always strives to draw connections between contemporary electronic micro scenes and traditional forms of music on the continent, as in our Kadodi release, releases on traditional Luo music and many other future releases that juxtapose modern day forms and their older cousins.

This mix tries to explore similar territory from a different angle. I have tried to select field recordings that puts ‘traditional’ or ‘classical’ music from Sub Saharan Africa in direct conversation with modern avant-garde compositions of the same era, especially 1950’s – 1970’s electronic compositions, anything from Jocy De Oliveira, John Cage, Gruppo D’Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, Steve Reich etc.”

Zine info:

“Between February 27th and March 23rd 2017, photographer Stéphane Charpentier and his partner sound artist and field recordist Alyssa Moxley joined Arlen Dilsizian (Moroto Hvy Ind) and Don Zilla on one of the many field recording projects that the Nyege Nyege crew frequently undertook into the Uganda country side. On that trip the focus was to record a specific set of troupes based in Eastern Uganda, primarily the Kadodi percussion troupes of the Bagisu tribe around the town of Mbale and the various Amadinda ensembles of the Busoga tribe around the town of Iganga. The second half of the trip saw them return to North Western Uganda working with the dizzying constellation of Acholi troupes that dot the landscape around the towns of Gulu and Lira.”

… Yes, this is crucial stuff for anyone interested in African culture, and therefore the foundations of rhythm.

Artwork and layout by Davide Salvati.
Edition of less than 60 zines, and a few more tapes
(but don’t expect either to hang around for long).

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