Nazamba – Vex

Vinyl (12'')
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‘Nazamba unleashes a fully fired up dose of dread dub poetry with Vex, spat over a one shot to the head riddim from the shadowy G36, an anarcho-dub collective from Nagasaki, Japan.

Conjuring up the sort of shamanic sci-fi signals that have made the few G36 transmissions we have caught to date such a head rush of sickening trepidation. Nazamba rages war against the global epidemic of morally bankrupt, indelibly corrupt politicians, infecting the beats through a cell of dead heat introspection that sounds like a prime Jah Shaka bassbinshaker fused with Throbbing Gristle’s ‘Discipline’, with the spirit of Prince Far I summoned by the fierce baritone rumble of NAZAMBA’s verses of thunder.

The deepest cut from this killer label yet, keep em locked to PRESSURE for some more G36 riddims in the not too distant future…’

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