Nenado – Your Sketch

Cassette (Cassette / C30)
Astro:Dynamics [ADCASS09]
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Loop-centric meditations by Lenta under his elusive Nenado moniker –

Astro:Dynamics seem to have a great skill for sourcing an ever-fresh supply of experimental music, off-centre dance music and individually thinking artists –
This tape comes in the form of a set of reduced, distilled wayward rhythms, layered field recordings and understated percussion.

Each of the 7 tracks on this cassette feel accomplished in their simplistic form, stripped back yet rich in frequency.
By the time you’ve flipped the tape over you will find yourself in it’s zone entirely, highly engulfed by it’s swaying, shape-shifting flow…

Great stuff, once again!

Mastered by Vessel (Tri Angle / Young Echo) via Reel-to-Reel tape.
Served on white C30 cassette, with printed on-body sticker and housed in folded j-card.

Your Sketch
Like Attracts Like
We Turn Into Planets
Hari Hari
Internal Dialogue

Out of stock!
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