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The first disc on the newly inaugurated Sufferah’s Choice label –
For the 001 UK roots veteran Nick Manasseh comes forward with the instrumentals for this new label straight outta Bristol, via Dubkasm’s DJ Stryda!

As some of you will know, Sufferah’s Choice is the name of Dj Stryda’s legendary radio show, which has been running since the 90’s here in Bristol, kicking off in the pirate radio days when it was much harder to play ‘underground music’ to a wider audience, and especially on radio.
Having been on a little hiatus for the last couple of years, as Stryda awaits for Bristol’s SWU.FM radio station to get that antenna into action, it is now nearly time for his show to commence again, and perfect timing along with the Sufferah’s Choice label’s new ‘kick off’.

This first release is a special one already, proper solid, rootical dub from the veteran producer Nick Manasseh, harking back at prime era late 70’s / early 80’s steppin’ roots with a UK / JA sound – names such as Capital Letters, Dennis Bovell, Twinkle Brothers & John Rubie spring to mind, but we’re sure the influences and experience count much further than this – Manesseh has been deeply entrenched in the UK roots scene for over two decades now, as has DJ Stryda and of course Dubkasm –
tuned in ears, for years!

The disc is sounding very crisp too –
All mastered and cut to highest degree via Stardelta, via 1/2 inch tape, and ready to sound extra warm and full of that necessary bass – no matter wether you play this on your hifi, or on a bigger soundsystem.

Check the official words about this release right here:
“The first release on DJ Stryda’s Sufferah’s Choice label features two exclusives from the pen of the legendary Nick Manasseh. Side A opens with the deep and heavy ‘Babylon Outside’. A tightly-coiled bass line underpins energetic percussion and a siren that wails into the night. Followed by a dub in the traditional style, it’s raw, driving power and statue-toppling weight perfectly capture the frantic time we are living in. A straight-up soundsystem classic.

The b-side ‘Brexit Blues’ is topical in an entirely different way. Featuring reggae virtuoso Charlie Nightdoctor (famous for backing Little Roy and for the classic UK dub LP The Herb) on lead guitar, it’s a unique, mournful and meditative piece. Its haunting glockenspiel and organic instrumentation evoke late nights in smoke-filled rooms, and captures the melancholy of the UK establishment’s decision to cut itself off from Europe – a decision Manasseh campaigned tirelessly against. ”


Mastered on 1/2” tape at Stardelta.
Artwork by Joshua Hughes-Games.

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