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A long time coming, east london producer Nights returns to his own imprint, NSX, following two sell out records in 2016.

Delivering on his brand of grime/dubstep, the new release “Too Much/Untouchable” has seen support from djs across Rinse, NTS, Radar Radio and more. He’s been a regular fixture in sets of the Boxed crew, Blackdown, Spooky & more, the second solo Nights 12″ is pure lava, surpassing the vast majority of his peers with this pair of hard-as-nails instrumentals – they bear the signatures of grime but snarl and propel in the way only a few can pull off, let alone this well. Our pick does have to be Too Much – that square bass pulse tho.

Word on the street is a fourth record from a long time peer is in the pipeline for next year on NSX… Keep your eyes peeled

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