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Two beautiful tunes by the mysterious Nora Dean, one ultra-rare/pricey cut from around ’71, and another great, great off-kilter classic on the flip –

Nora Dean’s music is a big favourite here (ahem, did you listen to that latest 7″ on FuckPunk?) – Angie La La, also known as Ay Ay Ay Ay, is one of those one-in-a-million rocksteady tracks, obscure and full of magic, but just very, very sweet really. There doesn’t seem to be too much info about her, no interviews or anything, and hardly any pictures, but she’s recorded some killer tracks in the early days of reggae music in Jamaica, and it seems that she has a bit of a cult following these days too.

Although the main event on this reissue 7″ disc via Harlem Shuffle seems to be that ‘Peace Begins With’ cut –
you might think £13.49 is a lot for a 7″, but if you consider that the original UK pressing on Bullet from 1971 is on Discogs for……
over £1200!!!!
And the 1972 JA pressing on Lion from the early 72’s, seems to have sold on Discogs for……… over £400!!!!!
– then this reissued import 7″ price is not too bad after all, I suppose.

Either way, money stupidity aside, this tune is another great example of Nora Dean’s untouchable, original style, sitting somewhere between outsider Soul & Disco, and JA Roots – and we’d say this 7″ is definitely worth the pounds in musical weight, no doubt.
Plus, it comes with that wicked Ay Ay Ay Ay ‘Angie La La’ on the flip, so this is a real nice Nora Dean combo disc.
If you’re just after the Angie La La track, by the way, you can find that on a reissued Treasure Isle 7″ backed with ‘Tom Drunk’ by U Roy, which is also in stock here again right now.

Wonderful stuff.

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