Newly loaded reels, dropped off from the house of Will Yates aka Memotone aka Half Nelson aka O.G. Jigg –

Another great excursion into time travelling melodics and harmonies, lacing pheasantry-styles with future-proof bass trembles and timeless sonic experimentation.

This one’s pretty special, and it’s best enjoyed as one listening experience, right from the humble start of the A side, through all it’s musical hills and valleys, through to the re-worked twist & grinds on the A side, from a very stellar crew of musicians and producers from near and afar – check that list & those infos below:

“O.G. Jigg returns with a second collection of original music, handed over to a hoard of alchemists who have turned his raw material into GOLD.
This time Jigg is joined by fellow players Tylo Rim and The Bastard Boot who offer percussion and drum expertise respectively.
The alchemists selected to reassemble the original material include FUMU, Best Available Technology, Luke Lund, Bone Head and DJ Damage, Throwing Snow, Grim Lusk and U, each bringing their own deep knowledge to the fore through psychosonic manipulation.”

The limited edition cassette version also includes a tape only, seven-minute track from the big boss FUMU.

A side is 23 minutes of original music (plus the seven-minute FUMU remix) and the B side is over half an hour of remixes.

Limited Edition cassette + DL code.
Cassette with 100% recycled plastic shell in eco Maltese Cross card jacket.
Clear frosted cassette with on body print.
Folding card case illustrated by Mel Keane.


1. O.G. Jigg – The Stone Table
2. O.G. Jigg – Yarrow and Mugwort
3. O.G. Jigg – The Fool
4. O.G. Jigg – The Ice House
5. O.G. Jigg – Merlin’s Maze (Luke’s Canon)
6. O.G. Jigg – Conker Season feat The Bastard Boot
7. O.G. Jigg – Herbie’s Theme
8. O.G. Jigg – Church Theme [A Link to the Past]
9. O.G. Jigg – Erasmus in Newyork
10. O.G. Jigg – Mote Diggity
11. O.G. Jigg – Dominion Window
12. O.G. Jigg – The Dawning
13. Grim Lusk – The Fool Remix
14. Throwing Snow – Yarrow and Mugwort Remix
B4. Luke Lund – The Fool (Suontaka Sword Dub)
17. Bone Head & DJ Damage – The Stone Table Kosmische Jungle Remix
18. Best Available Technology – Jigg Remix 2.0
19. U – The Ice House Remix

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