Vinyl (LP)
Honest Jon's [HJRLP113]

Charming afrobeat excursions coming off the back of that crucial crucial Markus Ernestus vs Obadikah 10” on Honest Jon’s.

The guys at Portobello Rd say it best:

“This is lovely. Brand-new, rambunctious, rootsy, spiritual brass-band music from Lagos, with singing, drums and home-made percussion. Obadikah is a group of old friends who play together in the Cherubim & Seraphim and Baptist churches of the Ikeja and Isale Eko districts. A couple of them were founder-members of the Eko Brass Band; they’ve played with pretty much all the key Nigerian reggae artists. The tunes are mostly traditional Yoruban melodies, often sung at bed-time. The songs are mostly original, sung in Yoruba (though Jomido is an Egun song from the Badagry area of Lagos state).”

Served in colourful HJ style sleeve, this’ll sit nicely alongside the likes of Lagos: Chop Up! and similar excursions into Africa via Honest Jon’s, real upbeat afro business served on full-length vinyl.

April 8
Keke Kan
Olorun Kan
Agbara Temi Ko
Iwo Ore Mi

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