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Old Komm present a startling duet of pieces of Discrepant entitled Ventspils, a rough, textured welding of disparate styles including music concrete, classical art music, Eno-style ambience and found sound to produce a flavour entirely of their own.

Comprising of Andrey Kolmogorov and Sergey Gorsky, Old Komm are a musical duo hailing from the city of Samara, Russia. Since meeting in the mid 90’s the duo started translating their musical ideas by making industrial music using a mixture of field recordings, broken synths, found sound and, what became a constant motif on their output, church pipe organs – Sergey’s father was a church organist of 40 years giving the duo plenty of material to tamper with.

Here they present that material using two variations on a theme inspired by and comprised of recordings from the Latvian locale of Ventspils – an ex-USSR baltic port city with what they describe as having a “post-industrial charm”. It translates in the music – through the monochromatic industrialist signifiers are bursts of colour given readily by their considered employment and manipulation of pipe-organs. These are used variously over the 20-odd-minute runtime as both a backdrop and a “close-miked” lead, of sorts – combined with bursts of noise and a barrage of gestural found sound samples they create a sound world which takes a more oblique approach to translating the so-called charm of the post-USSR Eastern Bloc, to astounding effect.


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