Off-kilter synth-pop/industrial-dub magic from Hannah S., aka Omen –

A welcome surprise in the inbox, this excellent 12 track tape by Berlin-based Omen, who wrote this album between Berlin, Australia and Peru using an array of DIY instruments, half broken sound toys, stylophones, effects pedals and, not least, her acute, yet raw & feverish vocals.

Straight from the first cut, this one had us locked in for it’s raw approach and punk attitude towards production and arrangement, and it’s unique style & musicality.

Fans of E B U, Mica Levi, Sue Zuki, pre-2019 King Midas Sound and early synth-pop, weirdo digital dancehall, punk and industrial sounds, don’t delay the listen.
Everyone else, stick this on anyway and let the sonics persuade you –
This is a special one, no doubt.

Served up in a top-looking inlay, with printed cassette and lyric sheet insert.

A1 – Mr Freedom
A2 – YR
A3 – U Don’t Know Y
A4 – Who Is
A5 – My Baby
A6 – Call From U
B1 – People
B2 – Hardwired
B3 – Hond4
B4 – Ironic Rebels
B5 – Trippy Miso
B6 – City of London

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