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Captivating transmission of cyberpunk techno & noise beaming out into the night sky from Opal X. Paranoia, surveillance, a crumbling society, neon reflected off wet pavements and the green glow from CRT monitors are immediately called to mind when dropping this in the tape deck.

Dense washes of hiss, snarling drones, fragments of vocal passages buried in the mix, segue into rhythmic noise constructs across 6 tracks. Proper lights off listening on this one, it’s a real trip into what feels like a private world.

Described by the label as ‘Projecting a primal scream into the metallic heart of American noise while scanning the remains of a degrading metropolis, via the influence of Depeche Mode, Pan Sonic & Merzbow’, and we’re very much inclined to agree.

Warmest recommendations on this. Only the one audio clip but trust us when we say, you won’t be disappointed.

Ships with A5 postcard in loop-bound envelope, neon pink tape shell – inlay designed by Studio Tape-Echo

Tracklist –

1. Solitary Division
2. Stacked Envy
3. What Will Happen If This Becomes Truth
4. These Are The Tears I Thought I’d Lost
5. Time Limitation Intensifies Focus
6. Wait Until You Can Hear The Sign, Then You Can Walk


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