Following on from his ‘Devil’s Dance’ album at the start of the year, The Marzahn Versions takes his inimitable sound palette and takes on the floor with a pair of, er pairs – that is, two originals and then their contrasting dub mixes.

Up top, the unrelenting thump of the ‘Crowd Psychology’ sets the tone for the EP right from the start – paired with an infectious lead melody which gives way to the paranoia inducing middle section – weaving myriad sonic textures through his maze of delays, vintage FX and slightly used & abused mixing desk as only he can.

The contrasting cut – ‘Mob Psychology’, cuts the original right back to the bone in brutalist style – the soundtrack to the post apocalyptic cityscape. Traces of the once familiar melody echo through the chamber, bruised by the omnipresent kick drum and scarred by scattershot snare hits – Incredibly heavy and unsettling in the best way.

Hack Dance is a cast iron slab of industrial steppa’s pressure – utterly uncompromising, the sound of the resistance – the soundtrack to Shakka playing in a fallout shelter in 2050. The dub version hollows out the original to deadly effect – sonar pings ricocheting off the outreaches of the echo chamber while the lead lines stretch out into infinity.

Heavyweight 12″ mastered & cut at Dubplates & Mastering.
Sleeve illustration by Tetsunori Tawaraya.

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