Otim Alphia is no newcomer, having begun releasing pioneering “electro acholi” records – updates of Ugandan Acholi “Larakaraka” wedding songs created using computer software and electronic instruments – alongside producer Leo Palayeng way back in 2001. This fine double vinyl collection marks the first time any of his material has been released internationally. It draws on 11 years of dancefloor hits and is every bit as vibrant, fast-paced and colourful as you’d expect.

Musically, the drum machine style rhythms are upbeat and bouncy, the synth sounds are bold and ear catching, the use of traditional instruments subtle, and Alpha’s vocals never less than passionate and full-throttle.

It reminds us of a Ugandan take on the thrilling “Shangaan Shake” sound, which is no bad thing….

Sure fire good vibes from the hottest continent!

1. Gang ber ki dako
2. Anyomo label (Pailyec)
3. Bilaber
4. Lok lobocwero cwinya
5. Too Wiye Ming
6. Toni G
7. Wilobo Lanyi
8. Coo oromo
9. Cam Ki lawoti II
10. Agiki ne tye
11. Kodi pa barikiya (kwan)

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