Fresh heat from O$VMV$M’s pandoras-dub-box, served up via this new, extra loose formation under the guise of ‘Shroud Of Fear’ alongside vocal energy from the local crew Manonmars, Bogues, Eldon & Yeo Limone, served up on this mighty good C30 cassette via the house of O$.

Containing old gems, unheard bits, mad skits, whatsapp voice messages and classic, collected nuggets from between 2015-2021, this 30minute mixtape flows in one hella-wavey consecution of warped anthems, weird film excerpts and soundbytes a la O$.
The instrumental side of it, is, as always – properly catered for here. Gem after gem!
But the thing comes into it’s own realm once more, peppered with high grade mic-chat from none other than the talented, o.g. voice of Jabu aka Alex Rendall aka Bogues, who comes in lean & mean on the first cut, and then again with extra bite later on, through to Bristol RnG don and lyrical chessmaster Yeo Limone, O$-team-supreme Manonmars, and a fresh linkup with Eldon from Bristol’s Cold Light crew – each one bringing their own personal touch, reflective not just in a sense of deep words, but also in a way of projecting new energy back into the rhythm tracks, exhaling the vibes of the instro’s with added lyrical input, one at a time, cool & deadly, hit for hit.
This linkup of Young Echo’s Sam ‘Neek’ Barrett and Amos ‘Da Boss’ Childs as O$VMV$M, alongside this quartet of micmen is manifested physically for the first time here at least – although some of you will have seen some of this formation mash it up on stage around town though of course, or heard a few transmissions on the airwaves here or there…

Best to make sure you cop a piece of this manifestation though – the O$VMV$M journey just got expanded once more – the sun might be setting, but this light just keeps burning with a steady flame, no trouble.

Ltd Edition, comes with DL code.
served with artwork by Joshua Hughes-Games.
Printed at 16 Tonne Press, Bristol.

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