Four pounding 4×4 numbers from enigmatic L.I.E.S affiliate Person of Interest, making his debut on Royal Oak with the NOYFB EP.

A side is occupied by NOYFB and its “Straight 2 Tape Edit” – two unique spins on classic UTTU – stlye throwback analogue jams with understated melodics and skipping garage-esque drum lines. Both sleek and highly effective floor fillers for the peak time to the early morn crowd.

Pareidolia is a descent into paranoia-inducing mist – off-kilter, UK-influenced, detuned tastefully and laced with clever filter work and brilliantly executed machinated drumlines – killer.

Last track Carmen maintains the off-kilter vibe but keeps things a bit more driving and pushes the tempo to the 126-130 region – wait for that time-stretched new-wave vocal and a euphoric piano line to come in and you’ll be hooked – best track of the lot in our humble opinion.

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