Pessimist – Pagans

Vinyl (12'')
Osiris [OSIRIS MUSIC 046]

The harbringer of dread returns for Osiris – incoming heat!

Pessimist has been rapidly building his reputation as a proper stalwart of forward-thinking UK dance music, and this EP is no exception to the trend – it’s definitely one of our favourite bits to come from Osiris in a minute, and that’s saying something.

Fans of D’n’B, techno and dubstep will all find something to cater to them here – hell, aside from the title track this EP prefers to run things on a cooler tilt, with tracks like Astrous and Inner Circle further showcasing Pessimist’s inimitable talent at nailing a vibe, no matter what tempo or style he’s working in.

In case you haven’t realised already, we’re huge fans of this EP, and think you will be too.

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