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New no-fuss label from Pessimist focussed on (yep!) his own productions and collaborations.

This first outing offers up two droning, paranoid breakbeat dreadnoughts that are unmistakeable Pess. The signature numinous drones and all-pervading sense of DREAD are present and correct, but rhythmically it’s a decisive step away from drum ’n bass into more of an Isolationist, industrial hip-hop zone – most obviously on ’SPRTLZM’, which feels like part of the same chilling-with-the-wrong-b-boy lineage as DJ Scud and I-Sound’s Wasteland gear and Scorn’s mighty Gyral.

‘SCIFI’ strips things back to a kind of downtempo gangsta techno – bombed-out and blunted but with a grim unstoppable It Follows momentum. Proper!

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