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What can we say – Simply one of the finest cuts to emerge from Bristol, from one of our favourite producers – Bluez by Peverelist.

Originally on his debut album back in 2009, Bluez was cut at 33 and, inamongst al the other killer tracks on there, might have been a little overlooked by some. Thankfully it’s been re-issued on Punch Drunk, given a fresh mix and  master it’s sounding better than ever.

A timeless track that was inescapable in Bristol back in the day, when the techno/dubstep crossover was in full effect, Bluez (for us at least) stood out as one of the jewels in the Punch Drunk crown – one of our favourite records of all time (no hyperbole here, it’s in our top 5).

The flip side is a lost Pev dub, taken from around the same time, it popped up in a few mixes back then but never saw a release until now. It still sounds fresh though and, with the benefit of hindsight, a crucial track in the journey to where Pev is at with his sound today.

Basically, if you don’t own this record – you really should.

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