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Piezo - Parrots EP


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The long-awaited second instalment on Piezo's Ansia imprint has finally, finally arrived, a three-track 12-inch hand-stamped on a no-nonsense white label just like the first, hand-stamped by the man himself, in true D.I.Y spirit.

In recent years Piezo has been pushing his sonic palette into a huge variety of new territories, often touching on multiple styles within the same track. Parrots continues this trend, touching on an unusual but hugely intriguing blend of electro, house and Swamp-style bass-music. Instead of developing the music through traditional means, Piezo's juxtaposition of contrasting material creates most of the tension in the track, in the style of classic grime structures and nodes.

All My Money is the first cut on the flip, a slice of lo-fi, surrealist techno with one of the most creative breakdowns we've heard in some time - birdsong collides with a collage of microscopic licks of pitched percussion and an epic dub-delay freakout that adds a brilliantly virtuosic flourish to proceedings. Last of all is Bro Music, another bizarre collage of samples sewn readily into a playful half-time lo-fi roller, underpinned by a beat constructed with little more than an 808 kick and some '80s drum machine blips and cowbells.

Piezo continues to push the boat out with every new release - we just hope the next Ansia doesn't take as long to materialise as this one!


All My Money

Bro Music