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1: Post- Materialists - Squirming Womb Of Love

2: Post Materialists - Space Smile

3: Gargamelek - Hammerandsickle Rose

Limited edition import!

Proper weirdo free jazz biznizz from the Post Materialists and Gargamelek, out of Moscow & St. Petersburg –
Coming from the same HQ that has been putting together a whole heap of crucial underground reissues from the avant-garde of yesteryear, here comes something fresh from their rehearsal space, along with a Gargamelek piece from 1975… Twisted jazz, collagery, and drone meditations.

Side A features Post Materialists ‘Squirming Of Love’, a free spirited session of electronics, echo chambers and instruments that plays like a dream sequence, in reverse. We could imagine this playing in a Twin Peaks black lodge scene.
Squeezed on to the end of the side, we have ‘Space Smile’… which plays like a mexican accolade to Jazz music, played through a gramophone held together by a rubber band. This is properly weird, and we love it for that.

Flipside, Gargamelek gives us Hammerandsickle Rose… dating back to 1975.
The saxophone is in command here, and it is played with lots of pride and joy… Backyard blues for the Sun Ra continuum… it’s a real heady session, one that will have you spinning and swaying by the end of it. Top!

‘Dedicated to Sun Ra and Alber Ayler’, this blood red 7″ comes in an edition of 190 copies for the world, and each one comes with a handmade silkscreened fold over sleeve… so act fast if you’d like one.

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