Quiltland – Sisto

Cassette (Cassette / C60)
Astro:Dynamics [ADCASS11]

Twisted pop versions on Astro:Dynamics via Stockholm’s ‘Quiltland’ –

Setting the stones for the forthcoming LP on the London-based label, Quiltland delivers the ‘Sisto’ EP for the cassette format, filled with off-kilter euphoria and hyper-melody that work their way through misty clouds of pop-paranoia in a hazy manner.

It’s a very involving listen and unique mixture of experimentalism and diffused western pop sculpture, at times even working subdued trance melodies into the midst of it all, adding to the familiar-unfamiliarity of it all…

Astro:Dynamics fans and purveyors of underground pop-music, this one is for you!

Don’t be late, limited copies in store….

Served on printed on-body cassettes and printed inlays.
comes with digital download code.

Statuo [:02:16]
Zenith [:04:29]
Forever [:07:48]
Calluna [:04:10]
Uplift the Heart’s Heavy Wings (Horizon Version) [:07:00]
Forever (Sunrise Version) [:04:45]
Fides (Part 1) [:10.17]
8:Fides (Part 2) [:10.15]
9:Fides (Part 3) [:10.16]

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