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Third instalment on the excellent Different Circles label – headed up by Mumdance & Logos. As per usual, there are 300 of these, and, if past experience has taught us anything, they won’t hang around long.

Straight off the back of his earth-shattering drops for Tri-angle and Soundman Chronicles, Rabit treats us to another slice of trademark crystalline electronic constructions, wrapping arpeggios and widescreen strings around what sounds like a snippet cut straight from an abrasive infomercial.

The B-side, supposedly signed 15 minutes after the demo landed in the label’s inbox, comes from newblood ‘Strict Face’. Two versions of ‘Into Stone’ are on offer here, the original mix is a melancholic trip through chromed melodies and brittle drums. In closing, the ‘Windows Version’ looses the drums and lets the lets the pensive chords sit front and centre.

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