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Soundboy-sermon from the mysterious Reverend Danny Dread –

Added pressure from the Colonel Mustard / Jahtari crew, this neat 7″ disc is packed full of bubbling dancehall heat, with rhythmical fire from Naram alongside bossman Disrupt.

The words from the label themselves best describe this:

“The second 7” sees the mysterious Reverend Danny Dread descend from the mist-shrouded hills of the
Jamaican hinterland to deliver a sermon to all dibby dibby soundbwoys who run their mouths. Originally
cut as a dubplate on a riddim engineered from the DNA of an obscure early 90s Jammys cut, “Chatty Mouth
Defeat” makes it clear it’s not wise to ramp with the Colonel.”

If you didn’t already, now you know the score.
As always, limited edition!

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