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Milestone 100th release on Bristol’s seminal Tectonic label –

Kickstarting in 2005 when Dubstep was still off-radar to most, and now counting 13 years in the game, Tectonic Records has firmly positioned itself at the forefront of the UK’s bass mutations ever since releasing those early killers from the likes of Loefah, Skream, Digital Mystikz, Cyrus, 2562 and of course Pinch himself.

As Tectonic’s night time dancefloor counterpart ‘Subloaded’s slogan goes:
“If the chest ain’t rattlin, it ain’t happening.”

The same can most definitely be said for this record, with extra soundboy-worry inducing lyrical badmind coming from Roll Deep’s most fierce: Riko Dan.

Hard Food represents an explosive, 100% aggy 2018 mutation of the kind of grime that Riko would’ve duppied in the early days of Tectonic’s lifetime.
Sprawling across 6 tracks – the EP counts top-draw productions by O.G. tectonic crew and new-genaration in the ranks of Tectonic: Joker, Pinch, Walton, Mumdance & Ziro – who all lay down rough & tough bassbin action for Riko’s deadly lyrical cool.

Open your wallets and pay your respects to one of the truly pioneering labels out of Bristol…
(Plus: you don’t want Riko knocking on your door now, do you?)

Side 1
1. Riko Dan & Joker – “Hard Food”
2. Riko Dan & Pinch – “Vibrations”
3. Riko Dan & Walton – “Slap It Up”
Side 2
1. Riko Dan & Mumdance – “Hungry”
2. Riko Dan & Ziro – “Alright Then”
3. Pinch & Mumdance – “Big Slug” (feat Riko Dan – Walton remix)

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