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Care-package in from the Indonesian epicentre of noise; Jakarta.
DIVISI62 is a sound and visual arts label closely tied to the YES NO WAVE family.

We got this box shipped direct from Indonesia, so due to postage costs prices are accordingly a bit higher, but believe we are the only shop in EU to have these, and we’d argue these are all pretty special and worth the extra quids.

First up, this split C30 from RMP & Wahono.

‘Dehumanisasi’ by RMP comes loaded up on the A side of this tape –
4’31” is a masterful low-slung mech-groover; subbass Tsunami and a slinky R’n’B vocal gargling/gurgling back up the sinkhole.
4’30” is primo Salon des Amateurs material, like Tolouse Low Trax having a jerky j?zz jam with Sun Araw. [Do yourself a favour & hit the ‘tube with ‘Barney Wilen & Diese 440 – Défilé’ for an ‘83 cut of similar riddimelodic flava].
3’32” is another brilliantly smoked beat, masterfully unfolding into an ecstatic peak. Cannot wait to hear more from RMP.

A distinctively more sharp and lean feel to Wahono’s ‘Dealienisasi’ side. 4’03” and 3’20” are weapons-grade tribal-tech rollers recalling classic Photek or more recent & outwardly esoteric experiments from Lumisokea.

Then things get much harder creepier and hard to define; 2’42” is more like an amorphous sound-form than a song, Cursed melodies slowly unveiling itself. 2’31” is the oddest of the lot, like some mad vision of The Exorcist (In Dub) that somehow works.

Excellent forward thinking yet time-tripping / sidestepping scuzz rhythm & frequency experimentations from across the globe – Jakarta represent.

Edition of 100, each one hand-numbered – we have the last handful!

Includes download code.
C30 super-ferric cassette tape with hand-numbered cases and screen printed sleeves on thick, leathery matt/brown & green card.

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