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The next instalment in our RWDFWDMIX series is here, and this time we got Robin Stewart at the controls…

Our long-time friend and basically RWDFWD family *you might have already read our loveletter to him with that recent EP he did for NoCorner* has blessed our mix cassette series.
Place this one in your tape deck to hear a headspin-selection of dubs from the extended Bristol family – shouts to ATC, Young Echo & all – in a cerebral tango with a far-out set of worldwide, oblique bangers, cherry picked from Robin’s collection – a very fine collection made by a true head of the scene, deep into it and a music lover for real.

The mix swerves and sways and dives through 90mins total run time, with a slow lift off that hovers just above ground for the first side, before going into more turbulent zones for the 2nd half of the ride…

Inside this mix, you’ll hear ard knox bangers such as the new Tod Daraku 7″ on Ceramics, an oddball dancehall bubbler from Sikka Rhymes on Bokeh Versions, as well as – not least – unreleased/forthcoming Robin Stewart, Mr Spoon, D Ham, BKV Industrial, Ambulance vs Ambulance (get to know), Dali De Saint Paul, a surreal RS sludge dub of Junior Byles, a Robin Stewart collabo with Model Home… And that’s just the unreleased stuff!
And these ain’t no dibby dibby half finished tracks either – pure gold, and we’re sure you’ll hear more of it in 2021… Keep an eye out for that creative tornado in which Robin and the ATC crew do the mid air drift.

We’re really pleased with this mix and to be able to cement that RSRWDFWD connection further – in truth we owe him a mix for all the stickering, stamping, stacking & artworking he’s done for us here over the years… But Robin is a kind, giving person, and now you can also enjoy this mix-gift on the home hifi until Giant Swan and RS can rip up some music halls for our enjoyment once again.

Ere’s what RS says about this mix:

“it’s a mixed grill of some of me fave tracks from the last bit of time, some unreleased bits and bobs from myself and some friends, plus some classixxx I’ve loved for ages…like that ZULI tune on side A or the Vela Uniform/Blawan onslaught on Side B…something for everyone lol. Loads of love to RWDFWD and to all singers and players of instruments on the tunes.”

Artwork by Studio Tape-Echo.
Pro dubbed tape, with onbody print.

Thanks for the support <3

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